There are lots of reasons why you may need to capture live events on video. You might want a record of a performance to keep or to send to friends or colleagues, or if you’re the artist or performer you may need to use the footage for promotion.
HighLight Media has experience of filming all kinds of events, and we can edit the footage with graphics and titles, or simply provide you with unedited footage if that’s what you need.
Performances are covered by copyright, so if you’re the performer and wrote the material, there shouldn’t be any restriction on how you can use the video. If not, you’ll need permission from the copyright owners. We can give you guidance on how this might apply to video footage. Give us a call on 07976 724 945 to see what we can do for you.

Shows filmed at the Chapel Arts Centre, Bath

Geno Washington

Joanna Chapman-Smith singing "Open Fire"

Caras Del Querer (Flamenco show)

Duke Special singing "How I Learned to Love the Sun"

David Houghton - Up the Jungle (Director's cut) from HighLight Media on Vimeo.

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